A few words about me...

I am a researcher in spatial ecology and genetics.

I completed my PhD thesis through a CIFRE contract (Industrial Agreement for Training through Research, CIFRE convention). Two main axes naturally emerge from my work :

- a "fundamental" axis on the one hand, focusing on the influence of anthropogenic activities on the functioning of wildlife populations and communities. I am particularly interested in understanding the influence of landscape fragmentation on ecological and evolutionary processes such as dispersal, and in developing new technical and/or statistical procedures to solve or bypass methodological difficulties.

- an "operational" axis on the other hand, with the objective of assisting environmental managers in their missions to better respond to current critical wildlife conservation issues.

These two components, which intersect and reinforce one another, constitute the backbone of my scientific journey and allow me to develop scientific interactions on various projects and themes.

Oh, and I am also fond of birds and wildlife photography !

Current address and email contact

CNRS UMR 5321Station d’écologie théorique et expérimentale du CNRS à Moulis’, Route du CNRS, FR-09200 Moulis, France.