Ph.D. Conservation biology and Landscape genetics, University of Lyon 1 (LEHNA, France): “Individual-based sampling scheme in landscape genetics: assessing the impacts of anthropogenic fragmentation on dispersal patterns in the Alpine newt Ichthyosaura alpestris”.

Advisors: Pr. Pierre Joly / Pr. François Pompanon


Inter-University Diploma in Animal Experimentation Level 1 (Ecole Normale Supérieure of Lyon / University of Lyon 1).


M.Sc. Ecology, Microbial ecology, Evolution, specializing in Ecology, Evolution and Biometry, University of Lyon 1 (LEHNA, France): "Spatio-temporal use of the Tourbière du Grand-Lemps natural reserve and its periphery by amphibians".

Advisors: Pr. Pierre Joly / M. Gregory Maillet

Research experience

Current position (from 2015)

Postdoc (CNRS UMR 5321 ‘Station d’écologie théorique et expérimentale du CNRS à Moulis’, France), assessing genetic diversity, spatial functional connectivity and adaptative patterns in freshwater fish using spatial genetics and population genomics.


Postdoc (Université Catholique de Louvain, ISV, Belgium), assessing landscape functional connectivity in red deer (Cervus elaphus) using spatial genetics.


PhD student (University of Lyon 1; LEHNA, France) and R&D supervisor in the Ecosphère consulting company (CIFRE scholarship N°2/2009 from the ANRT).

April-May 2007 / April-May 2008

Research engineer (University of Lyon 1; LEHNA, France), supervising field experiments in a research program in the European tree frog Hyla arborea.

February-March 2007

Research engineer (French NGO avenir), evaluating the use of specific road-underpasses by dispersing amphibians (Isère, France).

February-August 2006

MsC student (University of Lyon 1; LEHNA, France), assessing the spatio-temporal use of a French protected peat bog by the Common toad Bufo bufo using VHF telemetry.

March-May 2005

Volunteer student (University of Lyon 1; LEHNA, France), evaluating the spatial distribution of the Common toad Bufo bufo in the Rhône-Alpes region.

Grants and awards


ITTECOP - IDRRIM thesis award : special mention


CIFRE Scholarship (n°2/2009: 42.000 €) from the Agence Nationale de la Recherche et de la Technologie (ANRT)

Additional PhD grants (total: 211.000€) from :

- Ecosphère;
- Réseau Ferré de France (RFF) ;
- Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhône (APRR).

Courses attended


“Measuring intra-species diversity using high-throughput sequencing”, EMBO Practical Course (Oeiras, Portugal)


"Introduction aux modèles mixtes avec SAS", BioPharE statistical formation, Catholic University of Louvain.


- “Landscape Genetics: developing best practices for testing landscape effects on gene Flow”, NCEAS Distributed Graduate Seminar.

- “ArcGIS Niveau II - version 9“ and “Spatial Analyst pour ArcGIS 9.3“, ESRI France training.

Teaching experience

- Statistics: 21h (PhD students / Lecture and tutorials)
- Population Genetics: 54.5h (Master 1 & 2 / Lecture and tutorials)
- Community Ecology: 18h (Licence 3 / tutorials)
- Molecular Ecology Techniques: 11.5h (Licence 2 / tutorials and practical courses)
- Animal biology and Taxonomy: 59h (Licence 1 / practical courses)

(Co-)Supervision of students

- Camille Poesy (Master 1 & 2, 2016-2017, co-supervisor with Dr S. Blanchet)
- Yoann Buoro (Master 2, 2017, co-supervisor with Dr S. Blanchet)
- Keoni Saint-Pé (PhD student, 2016-2019, co-supervisor with Dr S. Blanchet)
- Jonathan Remon (PhD student, 2015-2018, as member of thesis committee)
- Lisa Fourtune (PhD student, 2015-2017, co-supervisor with Dr S. Blanchet)
- Keoni Saint-Pé (Master 2, 2015, co-supervisor with Dr S. Blanchet)
- Jérôme Gippet (PhD student, 2013-2016, as member of thesis committee)
- Jennifer Mangin (BTS 2, 2011)
- Grégoire Perez (Master 1, 2010)
- Céline De Fazio (Master 1, 2010)
- Maxime Clasquin (Master 1, 2009)

Technical and IT skills

Field techniques:

Capture, handling and housing of amphibians and fish/ Electro-fishing / Genetic sampling (buccal and skin swabbing) / Pit-tagging / Radio-tracking

Molecular biology techniques:

DNA extraction and amplification (PCR; microsatellites) / capillary gel electrophoresis / Microsatellite markers screening (GeneMarker, GeneMapper)

IT skills:

Spatial data treatment and analyses (ArcGis, Matlab)
Satellite data analysis / feature extraction (ENVI)
Programming (Matlab, R, shell, CSS/html)
Statistical analyses (R, SAS)
Bioinformatic (RADseq / Poolseq)
Illustrations (Photoshop, Illustrator)

Naturalist skills:

Amphibians (France), large mammals and birds (Europe)

Complementary information


French (native language) ; English (professional working proficiency); Spanish (spoken) ; German (need of practice...)

Experience abroad

- More than one year : Belgium.

- More than one month : Ecuador.

- Less than a month : Chile, Croatia, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Spain, Sweden.

Civilian life

- From 12/31/14 : President of the association L'Aude au Nat', promoting « Nature for all, all year round » (« La nature pour tous, toute l’année ! »)